The Lowdown

The Lowdown

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  • Melanie Ohren says:


    I would love to purchase one of the posters celebrating the street festival on the 3rd Nov 18. Who do I contact please.

  • D & H Wakelin says:

    We would like to get the Low Down newsletter on-line if possible. Our email address is :


  • Jae Bedford says:

    I’m looking for contact details for the South D street Festival and Buskers Festival….

    Bedford entertainment has been running events, venues, supplying and consulting since 1996. We formed The Bedford School Of Music and Performing Arts 7 years ago here in Oamaru while maintaining event provider and management roles all over the south island.

    We currently have very healthy relationships consulting and prodding entertainment/sound for many local organizations such as Harbour Street Jazz and Blues Festival, SteamPunk NZ, Fire and Steam, Oamaru on fire and many more. We have previously run events with North Otago a&p show for many years (at sponsorship prices), running Talent quests, showcases and presenting local acts. Our relationships with the aforementioned groups have seen us help them source funding through ticking the youth & cultural boxes among many others.

    Pre and post marketing
    One of our fortee’s has been our understanding of modern marketing platforms including social media with around 10, 000 followers and a massive reach. We have found our use if pre and post marketing to be very advantageous. This service as well as digital marketing designs are included in every other service we provide.

    Star search
    Star search would include the traditional Talent quest (Battle of the bands) plus performance slots from bands & entertainers that are currently out in the industry. Winners would also perform Day 2 with slightly longer sets where applicable. We find at events of this kind the more local entertainers that are onstage the more people come to see them once they see the marketing. 1 entertainer will bring an average of 3 or 4 people. This event includes slot of work prior to the day.

    Our #TheFutureIsNow showcases have proven to be extremely popular with out door events. These include local youth, cultural groups and local entertainers.

    DJ and video jockeys.
    We have many djs on our books who perform all over Otago and with Canterbury.

    Named artists
    We have helped in the obtaining of named NZ artists for events and will provide professional sound, lighting & sometimes staging.

    Local artists and upcoming talent
    We have a proven track record of providing a great mix of local emerging and well known acts. including Jae Bedford One man Band & The Road Doggz (Blues Rock originals and covers)

    We have a huge array of buskers from professional to amatuer.

    Themed events.
    We have run many themed events including country barn dances, blues nights, jazz showcases, karaoke, 70s, 80s, 90s, 50s and 60s. These all can include cosplay(dress ups). Tribute acts and shows.

    Kids Karaoke
    This event has been a huge hit with outdoor events, malls, bowling alleys, family restaurants and more

    All age Karaoke
    As above or as part of a themed event.

    Music & Drama workshops by The Bedford School Of Music and Performing Arts NZ

    Let us know what you’d like and we can give you a competitive, non-obligated quote in detail with what ever options you desire.

    All options are produced and come with digital marketing/design, sound and lighting were applicable.

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