Street Festival

Street Festival

Due to the Street Festival being cancelled to weather conditions in 2018, it is now being held on Saturday 6th April!

The Festival is a celebration of all things South Dunedin. All the fantastic variety and diversity of cultures, community groups, families and striking individuals that make up this special part of town come together for an annual celebration of life. Where? On the Street in South Dunedin.

The Festival this year uses the Bob Marley anthem Lively Up Yourself as a framework to tie the various elements of the Festival together. The expression of Lively Up Yourself is centred on our communities, our people being proud, self-motivated and self-sufficient. Our past, our present and our future are all sources of inspiration …and we want your energy for the Festival too. What will you bring?

We’ll be putting more info about the day’s events here as the plan develops.

Festival Application

If you experience a probem when applying, please contact